8/23/19 8:12 AM
Gold: $1,504.35
Silver: $17.14
Platinum: $851.80
Palladium: $1,458.70
G/S: 87.76
Pt/G: 0.57
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Category:  Currency > National Bank Notes
Price:  $2,060

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  • 11/8/2019 - Saint Charles Convention Center
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  • China - 2008 5oz gold Olympics Martial Arts 2000 yuan with wooden pedestals, certificate, and dragon statuette
  • World Coins-China
  • Frank Lin Collection of Modern Chinese Rarities, Proof, Series II, 2000 Yn, single-sealed, certificate number 1807, mintage of 2008 pieces. Includes interfitting wooden pedestals, dragon statuette, certificate and coin. Technical quality: "A minus". No problems at all can be found with this extraordinary presentation, and the single-sealed coin permits full examination. We find the coin to be as close to perfection as can be expected, with but a single micro russet fleck at the extreme bottom edge of the date side. Simply astounding (scotia).

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  • 7/19/2019 - Saint Charles Convention Center
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  • Lot #556 - Collection of 163 different Lincoln cents in two Capital Plastics holders
  • Hammer: $1,050
  • Small Cents-Lincoln, Wheat
  • Reenactment Consignment. No keys necessary! This two board collection of Lincoln Cents has a ton to offer from beautiful toning to uncirculated examples to wonderfully contrasted proof issues. The only thing that isn't found within this collection are the key dates. Some would see this as a problem but the collector on a budget should see this as an opportunity. Grades range anywhere from Very Good through Gem Uncirculated with several semi-keys in sought after collector grades. The following issues are the picks of the litter and are described as follows: a 1909 VDB (BU), a 1910 (MS-64+), a 1910-S (MS-63), a 1911 (MS-60++), a 1911-D (AU++), a 1912-D (AU), a 1912-S (AU), a 1913-D (AU), a 1914 (MS-64), a 1915-D (AU++), a 1916-D (AU), a 1916-S (BU), a 1917-D (AU++), and a 1931-S (AU) (ck).
  • The Collectors' Auction - 2018    View Lots
  • 11/2/2018 - Saint Charles Convention Center
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  • Lot #588 - Four Red Lincoln cents, all NGC (three MS-66, one MS-67)
  • Hammer: $500
  • Small Cents-Lincoln, Wheat
  • Carry A Tune Collection. Wonderful waves of reds and browns dance about the surfaces of these four spectacular examples of the Lincoln Wheat cent series. All four quadrants are NGC certified as follows: a 1924 MS-66 RB, a 1929 MS-66 RD, a 1931 MS-66 RD, and lastly a 1935 MS-67 RD. These are all older style NGC holders that make this lot a shoe in for CAC submission. Stunning specimens like these are sure to fit into even the finest of Lincoln cent collections (ck)!

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