7/13/24 11:42 PM
Gold: $2,411.26
Silver: $30.78
Platinum: $999.14
Palladium: $954.35
G/S: 78.34
Pt/G: 0.41
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As with many investments, there is the risk of loss involved when choosing to invest in precious metals. Likewise, the values of bullion, coins, and collectibles can go up or down. This is due to many factors including but not limited to bullion market price, scarcity of the items, quality of the product, and overall market demand. Scotsman recommends that you, the customer, have ample cash reserves, disposable income, and a general understanding of the metals markets before investing. Remember, the markets can increase or decline at any time.

Scotsman’s Prices (Spread)
Scotsman’s "spread" is defined as the difference between our buy and sell price. These prices can be found online on our trading sheets at www.scoins.com. While the spread may vary, it is generally between 1.5-6% for bullion coins. Market values and product availability can cause the spread to move without warning. Scotsman recommends checking our Trading Sheets for up-to-the-minute pricing information. Prices listed on the sheets are for approved check or cash. In order to profit from the bullion product you purchase, the value of the metal in the open market may have to increase by as much as 6% or more due to the buy and sell spreads that exist. Our buy and sell prices are based on a number of factors, primarily product availability and worldwide trading activity. Again, please keep in mind that the metals markets change constantly.

Refunds and Returns
Scotsman will happily buy back bullion-related product at current market values. In the event that a return must be shipped to us, it is the customer’s responsibility to ship and insure the package. All costs pertaining to the return shipment are the responsibility of the customer.

Our Staff
Scotsman’s staff does not work on commission. Individual work experience, knowledge, and training may vary from person to person. While our staff may discuss movement in the markets, we are not licensed investment advisors. Therefore, Scotsman does not make recommendations involving any other type of investments, stocks, or otherwise. Please be sure to check with an experienced, reputable, and licensed financial planner or other licensed professional or specialist in their respective markets before making an investment decision.

Liquidity of Products
Scotsman only deals in products that are highly recognizable, actively traded, and easily converted in to cash. Bullion products are generally more liquid than numismatic or collectible products, so this should be taken into consideration when deciding upon your investment.

Selling To Scotsman
Scotsman buys both bullion and numismatic coins. After the items have been inspected, Scotsman’s buy offer will be calculated based on current market values. Scotsman buys both live over the counter and by mail. If the products being sold to Scotsman are to be shipped, it is the responsibility of the customer to ship and insure the package as Scotsman is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit. During the time of shipment, market values may change. This is completely the risk of the seller unless prior arrangements have been made.

Miscellaneous Note:
Please do not send cash. Cash is accepted in store only.
Please make checks payable to Scotsman.
When receiving packages from Scotsman, please make sure that the contents are all intact and you have received the items as ordered according to your invoice. Any difference must be reported by you, the customer, immediately (within five days) upon receipt of your package, and all original packing material must be retained. Please notify us in writing of any change of address, or other necessary information. Any written correspondence must include your name, address and telephone number.
Any deviations from Scotsman’s Terms and Conditions must be in writing and signed by a Scotsman official.

Easing or Waiver of Rules
In some circumstances Scotsman may choose to waive certain aspects of its Terms and Conditions. These instances are specific to a particular transaction and do not alter the Terms and Conditions of any other transaction, nor does it constitute a waiver for any other transactions past, present, or future.

Waiver of Arbitration and Jury Tria
l By entering into an agreement, both you and Scotsman waive any rights respectively to a trial by jury resulting from or relating to this or any other agreement with Scotsman. Furthermore, both you and Scotsman waive any rights to arbitration, including those under the Professional Numismatic Guild rules, resulting from this or any other agreement with Scotsman.

In Summary
Only some of the risks involved in investing, purchasing, or selling bullion, numismatics and collectibles have been mentioned above. Remember that all markets are volatile and routinely move up and down. It is often recommended by professional investment advisors that the best course of action is to keep a diversified portfolio that meets your individual needs, with metals and coins being only part of that bigger picture. Thank you for your business!