6/22/24 8:04 PM
Gold: $2,321.78
Silver: $29.53
Platinum: $989.77
Palladium: $939.53
G/S: 78.61
Pt/G: 0.43
map11005 Olive Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63141
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hoursMon - Fri: 8am to 5pm (CT)
Sat: 8am - 4pm (CT)

Buy List

Always here for you... Always paying you more... Always.

We appraise and purchase:

Collectible Coins


If you have coins to sell, we believe Scotsman is the best place to go. We purchase all collectible coins in all price ranges and in all conditions, so you can sell your entire collection to one company. You may sell your coins to us outright, or take advantage of our long list of coin collecting customers by consigning your better materials to one of our major live coin auctions. When it's time to sell your coins, it's time for Scotsman.

Rare Paper Money


Collectable currency has greatly increased in popularity over the past decade, and our customers are quite interested in these items. As a result, we can pay very strong prices for almost all currency types and denominations. When it’s time to sell your paper money, it’s time for you to choose Scotsman.

Precious Metals


Scotsman actively trades in all four of the major precious metals -- Platinum, Gold, Palladium, and Silver. We buy bullion coins, bars, rounds, and nuggets, and our buy prices are very aggressive. When it's time to sell your precious metals, it's time for you to choose Scotsman.



If you own a stamp collection and want it appraised, we are the company to visit. We purchase virtually all U. S. Stamps as long as they have not been cancelled and most first day covers too. When you want the best value for your stamps, it’s time for you to choose Scotsman.



If you have a diamond to sell or trade, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the best value. We buy all shapes, all sizes, all colors and all grades. When it’s time to sell your diamond, it’s time for you to choose Scotsman.



Why let your old, unused or broken jewelry collect dust when you can bring it to Scotsman and trade it for other jewelry pieces you will wear, or sell it for cash. We purchase all gold, platinum and silver jewelry as well as cameo pins and much more. However, we do not accept any costume jewelry. When it’s time to sell your jewelry, it’s time for you to choose Scotsman.

Pocket and Wrist Watches


Have a pocket watch or wrist watch you no longer use? Scotsman buys them both, even if they are not working. We don't purchase all wrist watches as most of them really do not have any value, but if it is a Rolex or other prestigious watch, or if it is a gold watch, you can rest assured that you will receive a bold offer from one of our buyers. When it's time to sell your pocket or wrist watch, it's time for you to choose Scotsman.

Sterling Silver Flatware


As long as the silver flatware you have is marked "sterling" or ".925" Scotsman will buy it. Plus, we pay even more for better patterns. If you are not sure if the flatware you have is sterling, feel free to bring it in our store and we will let you know. When it's time to sell your sterling silver flatware, it's time for you to choose Scotsman.

And More...

In addition to the items listed above, Scotsman also purchases St. Louis World's Fair Memorabilia, Old Documents, Stock Certificates, Original Oil Paintings, and Bronzes.