4/24/24 11:20 AM
Gold: $2,323.88
Silver: $27.22
Platinum: $904.57
Palladium: $1,002.53
G/S: 85.37
Pt/G: 0.39
map11005 Olive Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63141
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hoursMon - Fri: 8am to 5pm (CT)
Sat: 8am - 4pm (CT)

Bidding Terms

Refund/Return Policy

  1. Scotsman Auction Co. wants you to be happy with the items you purchase through our public auctions. That is why we guarantee all items to be genuine (authentic) as to date and mintmark. To receive a full refund, bidders are given 29 days after receipt of lot to notify Scotsman Auction Co. that they wish to return it for authenticity reasons. In order to qualify for return, the item must be held, intact, in its original, sealed flip. Only date and mintmark cataloging errors qualify for returns.
  2. No lot can be returned because of a variance in judgement with regards to grade. Scotsman Auction Co., of course, cannot guarantee that our opinion will match that of any of the many third-party grading services since they often differ in opinion among themselves. In addition, Scotsman Auction Co. cannot guarantee that a coin certified by any third-party grading service will be given the same grade and/or designations from another certification company. Therefore, any attempt by a bidder to get any item purchased in this sale graded, regraded, or upgraded by a third-party grading service is done solely at the risk of the purchaser and negates all return privileges. Scotsman Auction Co. strongly advises that you purchase coins already certified by your preferred grading service. Eg. A person wins a certified coin in this auction graded MS-65 Full Head by grading service "A." That person then submits that same coin to grading service "B." Grading Service "B" grades the coin MS-64. This coin CANNOT be returned. THIS AUCTION IS NOT AN APPROVAL SALE AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL except for the reasons outlined in this Refund Policy.
  3. Bidders who did not have the opportunity to view the items in this sale before bidding may return only items which are the subject of catalog error for a full refund of the purchase price only. Such returns must be made no later than five (5) days after receiving the lot(s).
  4. Bidders who have viewed the physical items offered in this sale may return lots only for reasons of lack of authenticity.
  5. Items removed from their original, heat-sealed Scotsman Auction Co. flip, MAY NOT be returned for any reason.
  6. Items encapsulated and authenticated by a third-party grading service MAY NOT be returned, unless cataloged incorrectly.
  7. Bulk lots and rolls of coins MAY NOT be returned.
  8. Scotsman Auction Co. is the fastest consignor payer in the industry, paying consignors within 30 days after the sale. Therefore, we are only able to consider the refund of a lot if it is received by us no later than 30 calendar days following the sale. Any dispute after 30 days following the sale is to be resolved at Scotsman Auction Co.'s sole discretion.

Terms of the Sale

  1. This is a public, live rare coin and paper money auction which includes absentee, mail, Internet, E-mail, and ultimately floor bids conducted on the sale date (Mark Mamelian Auctioneer MO-2483).
  2. An 18% Buyer's Premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price.
  3. Some lots may be subject to a reserve, which is a confidential minimum price agreed to with the consignor, below which the lot will not be sold (seller's reserve). The auctioneer may open the bidding on any lot below the reserve by placing a bid on behalf of the seller up to the amount of the reserve, either by placing consecutive bids or by placing bids in response to other bidders. Consignors are strictly prohibited from placing bids on their own merchandise.
  4. At the live auction session, bidding is begun at one increment above the second highest absentee bid. If a live participant places a bid, Scotsman Auction Co. then acts as the absentee bidder's agent, bidding incrementally over the previous bid until the absentee bidder's maximum bid is exceeded. If the auctioneer acknowledges no other bids from the floor, or if no floor bidders exceed the bid of the absentee bidder, then the absentee bidder is awarded the lot at one increment above the second highest bid. Therefore, absentee bidders are often awarded lots under their maximum bid.
  5. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the buyer. The auctioneer has the right to refuse any floor, mail, Internet, or E-mail bid which, in his opinion, does not commensurate with the value of the lot being offered. The auctioneer may advance the bidding at his absolute discretion, and in the event of any dispute during the auction or after the sale, the auctioneer's record of final sale shall be conclusive. The auctioneer may, at his sole discretion, re-open any lot after it has sold if, in his opinion, a live bidder was overlooked.
  6. No lot may be removed from the premises until the purchase price has been paid in full, unless special prior credit arrangements have been agreed to in writing by Scotsman Auction Co.
  7. Payment is due immediately after purchaser is notified by Scotsman Auction Company, and payment is considered past due 15 business days after said notification unless prior credit arrangements have been established. In cases of credit arrangement, payment is considered past due when the predetermined credit period has expired. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, notification includes: hammering a lot to a live bidder during the auction, mailed invoice, E-mail invoice, fax invoice, and/or telephone communication.
  8. All past due balances will incur an annual finance charge of 18%, or 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance unless local, state, or federal law limits such interest. In such case, the interest charged will be the maximum allowed by law. In the event that an account must be referred to an attorney or agency for collection, bidder agrees to pay all reasonable costs associated with collection.
  9. Payment is to be made in U.S. funds only. Scotsman Auction Co. accepts PayPal and credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, up to $25,000. Bank wires, checks, and Money Orders, up to each buyer's credit limit, are also honored. Checks and money orders are subject to approval, and Scotsman Auction Co. may require such payment to clear normal banking channels before releasing purchased goods.
  10. By bidding, each participant whose bid(s) prevails as the winner by the auctioneer agrees to be personally liable for making payment in full for all winning lots by the due date outlined in these Terms and Conditions. This personal liability clause includes, but is not limited to, bidders who bid for him/herself, a corporation, company, friend, or other third party. By bidding, each winning participant agrees to guarantee payment in full by the due date.
  11. Bidders acting on behalf of a corporation, or as an agent for a third party, must inform the auctioneer or auction director of their status prior to placing bids. In such a case, Scotsman Auction Co. may, at its sole discretion, accept payment from said corporation or third party on behalf of the bidder. However, by doing so, Scotsman Auction Co. does not relinquish the right to hold liable the winning bidder. Once payment has been made in full by a corporation or third party, Scotsman Auction Co. may request a written agreement from the bidder allowing delivery of goods to the payer.
  12. Scotsman Auction Co. retains Title of all auctioned items until payment has been received in full. Furthermore, all items won in this sale by a bidder are the property of Scotsman Auction Co., or its consignors, until full payment has been received. Bidders agree to fully insure these items for no less than the hammer price plus 18% until such time that the Title is transferred. In the case of bankruptcy filings, bidders further agree to immediately return all property belonging to Scotsman Auction Co.
  13. Scotsman Auction Co. reserves the right to deny participation in its auction to any individual who, in our opinion, has credit problems, overdue payments, unwarranted returns, or any other credibility problems.
  14. Absentee and mail bidders must register by signing and dating an official Scotsman Auction Co. bid sheet. You may fax your bids to (314) 692-0410. All E-mail & Internet bidders are bound by FCC regulations, and bidding by those means constitutes acceptance by the bidder of the Terms and Conditions listed herein.
  15. All mail, absentee, Internet, and E-mail bids are recorded in the order of receipt.
  16. The Auctioneer is not responsible for errors in bidding by anyone. Please check your catalog or bid sheets carefully to be sure that you are bidding on the correct lots.
  17. Absentee bidders must adhere to the bidding increments that are indicated on Scotsman's absentee bid sheet. Please adhere to these increments when submitting your bids.
  18. All successful mail, absentee, Internet, or E-mail bidders who require their lots to be mailed will incur a shipping, handling, and insurance charge. A list of these charges can be obtained by calling 800-642-4305. Absentee bids will be executed by our personal representative at no extra charge. Please, no unlimited or 'buy' bids. Note: Credit card purchases can be shipped only to the cardholder's billing address.
  19. There is no sales tax on coins or bullion purchases in the State of Missouri. Currency, jewelry, and other items sold are subject to a 9.488% sales tax when delivery is made in the State of Missouri. Dealers are required to submit a valid Tax ID to qualify for exemption.
  20. Scotsman Auction Co. reserves the right to withdraw any lot prior to or during the sale, postpone the sale, or cancel the sale outright without any advance notice or explanation, and without any resulting obligations.
  21. These Terms and Conditions, and the auction, shall be construed and enforced in accordance with Missouri law. By bidding, bidders agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and further acknowledge that in the event litigation is instituted hereunder, the Municipal and/or Superior Court of Missouri for the County of Saint Louis shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction with respect to said litigation, regardless of the location of the auction or bidder's residence. Any judicial action to enforce these Terms and Conditions shall be brought before the competent federal or state court of Missouri.
  22. By bidding in this auction, the buyer has agreed to comply with all terms and conditions set forth for this auction.