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G/S: 84.82
Pt/G: 0.64
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Lot #DescriptionStatusHammer
Lot of four certified Massachusetts Bay paper exonumia
An unusual quartet of historic currency-related items comprise this group, each safely protected within a PMG holder, and all are net-graded between VF30 and VF35, with such fine points in "grade"... Closed $625.00
Group of eight colonials
Bert Davies Collection. Multiple denominations included. November 2, 1776 $8 About Good, May 5th 1777 Virginia $6 Good, May 20, 1777 $4 Good/missing corner, September 26 1778 $30 VG, September 26... Closed $475.00
Six Obsolete Bank Notes
Bert Davies Collection. $5 Northampton Bank, Allentown, PA, VG. $20 Towanda Bank, Towanda, PA, XF. 25-cent Philadelphia Savings Institution, Philadelphia, PA, UNC. $10 Bank of Lewistown,... Closed $575.00
1862 $1 Fr# 16 - AU
1862 $1 Fr# 16 - AU
The Collectors' Auction - 2018 > US Currency > Legal Tender Notes, Large
Superior paper and a rather well centered front face should ensure demand for this outstanding type note. The bright, cardinal-red seal stands up in great contrast to the original creme paper color...
Closed $1,300.00
1886 $1 Martha Washington Fr# 215 - CU
UNC, but not "choice" due to the erratic centering often seen for the small seal type, and indeed, the top edge of the design has been sliced off by errant cutting of the original sheet. The paper... Closed $975.00
1891 $20 Fr# 322 - PCGS VF-20/small repair
Notably strong margins assist the visual appeal of this scarce 1891 twenty, although the "small repairs" mentioned by PCGS have helped strengthen a couple of tears that did not reach into the design. ... Closed $900.00
1899 Radar $1 Black Eagle Fr# 233 - PCGS GemCU-65PPQ
Empty Stallion Collection. In conjunction with a very high grade, at 65PPQ, and an outstanding two digit serial number T55T, this remarkable note boasts excellent eye-appeal, with the paper fresh and... Closed $1,500.00
1902 $10 Blue Seal - Carbondale, IL Charter #7598 - VF
The Carbondale National Bank Carbondale, Illinois. Small notes are frequently seen off of Carbondale, but large notes are far scarcer from this southern Illinois community. Merely ten large are... Closed $500.00
1902 $20 Blue Seal - Triumph, IL Charter #7660 - VF
The First National Bank of Triumph, Illinois. Prior to the brand-new addition of this example, the census showed only twelve reported off this LaSalle County bank. Illinois is a strongly collected... Closed $850.00
1902 $5 Blue Seal - Vernon, IN Charter #4688 - VF
The First National Bank of Vernon, Indiana. Scarce and from the only bank to issue in Vernon, this is a distinguished example that has admittedly been moderately flattened, yet still retains some... Closed $500.00
1929 $50 Type 1 - Washington, IN Charter #2043 - AU
The Washington National Bank Washington, Indiana. A most difficult-to-obtain bank, Washington, IN gets representation by this beautiful, high-grade fifty that offers attractive, crisp paper and... Closed $475.00
Discovery Note - 1882 Serial Number 1 $5 Brown Back - Cherryvale, KS Charter #3277 - VF/margin split
The First National Bank of Cherryvale, Kansas. A stunning discovery that makes its way into the census for the first time, here is serial number 1 off of Cherryvale, just retrieved from... Closed $12,250.00
1882 $10 Brown Back - Muskegon, MI Charter #4840 - F
The National Lumberman's Bank of Muskegon, Michigan. Merely 19 large are reported in the census for the indelibly named National Lumberman's Bank. Three pinholes arc off to the left and appear to be... Closed $775.00
1902 $20 Blue Seal - Holden, MO Charter #10384 - VF
The First National Bank of Holden, Missouri. A very challenging bank for the collector, this $20 not only comes off of a scarce western Missouri town, but the note itself bears up relatively... Closed $525.00
1902 $20 Blue Seal - Maryville, MO Charter #3268 - F
The First National Bank of Maryville, Missouri. Signatures have mostly faded into oblivion for this better Missouri national, but some collectors will appreciate the excellent centering. A tiny... Closed $350.00
Three 1902 $5 Blue Seal, Plate A, B, and C with same serial number - St. Louis, MO Charter #12389 - XF, CU, and ChCU
Martini Collection. The Telegraphers National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri. Light pinkish stains may be seen for the Plate A note and may affect the overall XF grade that we feel is appropriate for... Closed $1,100.00
1929 $5 Type 1 - Steele, MO Charter #12452 - F
The First National Bank of Steele, Missouri. Small notes off this small boot heel town, less than two miles square, are very scarce and have little auction representation overall. The paper is a bit... Closed $500.00
Uncut pair of 1929 $20 Type 1, Serial Number 1 - Jamestown, NY Charter #8453 - PCGS AU-53 PPQ
The National Chautauqua County Bank of Jamestown, New York. Very scarce and extremely attractive as an uncut pair, this 1929 $20 includes serial number 000001, adding tremendously to the appeal. ... Closed $2,700.00
Pair of 1929 $50 Type 1 - Galveston, TX Charter #12475 from a cut sheet - AU
The United States National Bank of Galveston, Texas. A pair of Galveston notes from a cut sheet comprise this offering. These should range toward the lower AU level and will prove popular with... Closed $1,000.00
1929 $50 Type 1 - Galveston, TX Charter #12475 - AU
The United States National Bank of Galveston, Texas. Very pretty and nearly mint, the "forbidden title" makes this a note of cautionary appeal to many collectors. Beautifully centered on the front... Closed $525.00
1882 $20 Date Back - Roxton, TX Charter #5710 - VF
The First National Bank of Roxton, State of Texas. Only three large size notes are reported off of Roxton and the cataloger only found one that has appeared at auction recently, making this brand-new... Closed $1,700.00
1929 $50 Type 1 - San Antonio, TX Charter #5179 - VF/teller stamp
The Frost National Bank of San Antonio, Texas. Purple stamping that remains on either side of Grant's portrait cannot be missed, but this is a very decent type note for the "very fine" level. ... Closed $310.00
1929 $50 Type 1 - Wichita Falls, TX Charter #4248 - AU
The City National Bank of Wichita Falls, Texas. A pair of staple holes penetrate the far left side of the note, and offer the most egregious distraction for this otherwise pretty fifty. Wichita... Closed $425.00
1902 $20 Blue Seal - Alexandria, VA Charter #1716 - VF
The Citizens National Bank of Alexandria, Virginia. Evidently a much tougher note off of the Citizens National Bank , this Alexandria plain-back offers considerable visual appeal for the lower VF... Closed $390.00
1902 $10 Blue Seal - Winchester, VA Charter #1635 - F
The Shenandoah Valley National Bank of Winchester, Virginia. Notes from this distinguished and historic Frederick county location, scene of seven major Civil War battles, are very popular and... Closed $380.00
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