5/20/24 4:36 PM
Gold: $2,425.52
Silver: $31.80
Platinum: $1,049.42
Palladium: $1,022.83
G/S: 76.27
Pt/G: 0.43
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About the Lot Images

Scotsman Auction Company strives to create images of catalogued items that are consistent with the item itself. However, our lighting techniques and your computer monitor may cause slight variances. For best results, consider calibrating your monitor from time to time.

Our staff has compared thousands of our images to the actual item in hand. By doing so, we have discovered a photography technique that we believe gives an accurate portrayal of the item in hand, but with some consistent discrepancies.

  1. Coins in hand often display more luster than is shown in the photo, primarily because a picture is a still shot, and luster can normally be best view by tilting a coin.
  2. Russet hues on silver coins often appear richer and more prominent than the coin in hand, and colors sometime appear softer and more defined – as apposed to blended. Our auction production team will frequently attempt to lessen this effect by correcting the color balance using computer software.
  3. The devices on proof and prooflike coins often appear to have more of a cameo aspect than is actually apparent on the coin itself, and the surfaces often appear darker. Proof and prooflike coins almost always appear nicer in hand as the photographs give more contrast to the marks. In addition, proof and prooflike coins cause scratches on the certification holder to be seen.
  4. Certified coins, particularly large coins housed in NGC and PCGS holders, will sometimes show a glare, and marks on the holder will sometimes appear as part of the image. While both these problems can be avoided, it is not practical to take numerous photographs of the same coin to eliminate them totally.