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The Collectors' Auction 2013
Friday, October 18, 2013
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Lot #DescriptionHigh Bid
1 Miscellaneous Currency
Massive lot of small-size currency.
New World Estate. Personal inspection is mandatory! Substantial variety will run the gamut from notes barely collectable above face value, through better gold notes, and on up to some interesting...
2 Miscellaneous Currency
Eclectic group of thirty notes.
New World Estate. These are conveniently kept in a book-sized folder intended for photos, usually with a single note facing on each side of a page. A couple of colonial notes, Axis currency, and...
3 Miscellaneous Currency
Group of twenty-four Obsolete notes.
New World Estate. Some very interesting pieces will be found among this group, including a Detroit Depression Scrip, along with a scarce (but low grade, perhaps Fair-2) Alabama obsolete. Aside from...
4 Confederate State
Group of thirteen Confederate notes, mostly 1864 years.
New World Estate. A very good selection of fives, tens and twenties comprise this lucky grouping. We note an 1861, a pair of 1862s, and an 1863, with the balance of the group dated 1864. All are...
5 Miscellaneous Currency
Group of ten large-size Federal Reserve Notes.
New World Estate. Five $5, three $10, and two $20 bills comprise this group, and look like they could have just been pulled out of someone's wallet during the World War I era. These face up rather...
6 Confederate State
Group of ten $100 Confederate notes.
New World Estate. All ten of these are 1862 $100 Confederate notes, each hand-dated, numbered, signed and countersigned. They seem to be in XF grade or better, and feature a nice train vignette at...
7 Confederate State
Lot of eight Confederate notes in a Postal Society album.
New World Estate. This black album was issued by the Postal Commemorative Society, and contains eight genuine Confederate notes. Associated postage stamps appear alongside each note, along with...
8 Miscellaneous Currency
Eight large-size U.S. type notes.
New World Estate. A single national gold certificate $20 makes an appearance in this grouping and might be the most enticing piece in the group. The rest are large-sized notes including singles and...
9 Miscellaneous Currency
Seven large-size dollars.
New World Estate. Legal tender and silver certificates make an appearance, and these are better condition notes overall, showing grades in the VF and higher range. Seven note lot.
10 Miscellaneous Currency
Forty-six large size U.S. type notes.
New World Estate. Low grade type comprise the majority of this grouping, with grades generally roaming through the AG to VG categories. Highlights include a 1923 silver-certificate "star note" and...
11 Miscellaneous Currency
Collection of uncut sheets.
New World Estate. A small group of uncut notes, including a PCGS-certified sheet of nine fractional currency pieces Fr# 1245 given the VF-30 "apparent" grade. An uncut pair of colonial notes, modern...
12 Miscellaneous Currency
Group of six large size U.S. type notes.
New World Estate. Bills in VF or better comprise this little grouping. We note a 1907 woodchopper, 1914 $5 and $20, a 1922 gold $20, and a pair of 1923 $1 silver certificates in this six note lot.
13 Miscellaneous Currency
$1 Union Military Bond (Cr. UG-31), Jefferson City, MO PCGS F-12.
Cr. UG-31, Plate #A. Rarity 11 is assigned this union military bond UG-31, signed May 1, 1866. Well-worn but appealing for only the Fine grade.
14 Miscellaneous Currency
$1 Union Military Bond (Cr. UG-31), Jefferson City, MO PCGS VF-20.
Cr. UG-31, Plate #C. Union military bond UG-31 has an rarity 11 rating. This particular obsolete banknote was signed May 1, 1866.
15 Miscellaneous Currency
Four miscellaneous notes, as described.
New World Estate. First is Fr# C4-205, a sixpence note from Connecticut with an extremely pleasant appearance, graded PMG CU-64. Next is Fr# 2071-H 1974 $20, which is nothing special except that...
16 U.S. Fractional Currency
Collection of twenty-seven fractionals.
New World Estate. Practically an instant collection, here is a sizable group of mostly common fractional pieces, including a rather attractive Lincoln note and a well-used Spinner. Big fun with...
17 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1862 $1 PCGS VF-35PPQ.
New World Estate. Fr# 16. With the folds rather flattened by the holder, the note faces up as XF+ due to strong edges and margin quality, as well as pleasing color. We note modest discoloration by...
18 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1862 $1 PCGS Apparent AU-58/mounting remnants and damage.
Fr# 16c. Scarce 1862 legal tender single with generally nice paper aside from the noted edge repairs. The top edge shows mounting remnants most clearly from the back.
19 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1862 $2 PMG AU-53 EPQ.
New World Estate. Fr# 41. A scarce and valuable $2 legal tender, this one has the appearance of a fully original note that nearly qualifies for a slightly higher grade. The center fold shows...
20 U.S. Note Legal Tender
1862 $20 PCGS F-12.
New World Estate. Fr# 124. A rare legal tender, this one shows fantastic original paper and decent color, especially for only Fine. The right edge was cut barely into the design.
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