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The Midwest Winter Sale
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. NGC MS-61. 1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. NGC MS-61.
Lot Title: 1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. NGC MS-61.
Description: This is an example of the largest denomination issued under authority of law by the United States Government until the act authorizing the minting of the gold American Eagle One-Ounce bullion coin. The designer was Robert Aitken, and it was referred to as a Quintuple Eagle ($50) Gold. The obverse depicts Minerva, and the inscription for her that is taken from the ten-piece copper frame of issue states she was, "the Goddess of Wisdom, Skill, Contemplation, Spinning, Weaving and of Agriculture and Horticulture." The reverse depicts an Owl, and from the same frame its inscription states, "sacred to Minerva, the accepted symbol of Wisdom, perched upon a branch of western pine." Also, the frame has a statement, which reads: "The motives used in these designs were selected by the sculptor because of their simple dignity and far-reaching significance, as well as for their decorative pattern." Federal legislation provided that Exposition Commemorative coinage be struck. An official Coin and Medal Department was established by the fair organizers, and this was subsequently put under the administration of the renowned numismatist and former President of the American Numismatic Association, Farran Zerbe. The $50 pieces were priced at $100.00 and just 1,500 were struck, with 483 actually sold. The remaining pieces were returned to the Mint and destroyed. It is estimated that approximately 200 of the round examples survive. The magnificent example presented in this sale has surfaces which display a warm yellow-gold aspect. There are no marks or blemishes to indicate, save for a couple almost microscopic rim ticks on the reverse rim between 12:00 and 12:30. The strike prominently displays all the aforementioned intricate design elements. This piece rarely is offered, either by private treaty or in an auction setting. Therefore, it behooves the astute bidder to be aggressive, if not a little reckless, to possess it.
Low Estimate: $28,500.00
High Estimate: $30,500.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $42,000.00
Price Realized: $48,300.00
1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. NGC MS-61.
1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. NGC MS-61.

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1285The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$28,750.00
1915-S $50 Pan Pacific Round. PCGS Genuine.
Strictly speaking, in order for a 20th century type set to truly be considered complete, both Pan-Pacific $50 gold commemorative coins are required. Likewise, both are required to complete a 13-piece...

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