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The Midwest Summer Sale 2007
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1798 Large Eagle, Medium Wide Date, B-10, BB-109, R-5. PCGS VG-10. 1798 Large Eagle, Medium Wide Date, B-10, BB-109, R-5. PCGS VG-10.
Lot Title: 1798 Large Eagle, Medium Wide Date, B-10, BB-109, R-5. PCGS VG-10.
Description: This elusive variety from the first year of the Heraldic Eagle reverse design shows the Eagle holding 13 arrows in its talon. It is quite handsomely detailed for this ascribed condition. Exquisite rose nuances adorn its rich pewter surfaces, and there are no abusive marks or blemishes to note, just even wear.
Low Estimate: $1,200.00
High Estimate: $1,400.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $1,200.00
Price Realized: $1,380.00
1798 Large Eagle, Medium Wide Date, B-10, BB-109, R-5. PCGS VG-10.
1798 Large Eagle, Medium Wide Date, B-10, BB-109, R-5. PCGS VG-10.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
767The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$525.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-15, BB-112) NGC VG details/improperly cleaned.
Marshmallow Collection. Glossy everywhere, due in part to deep, thick murky grey toning that likely was applied to help diminish the unwanted effect of hairlines. Free from major marks, aside from a...
768The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$725.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-27, BB-113). NGC F details/scratches/cleaned.
Marshmallow Collection. If cleaned, the offense is not that apparent, though each side does exhibit some rather murky dull grey toning. "Scratches" references a couple offenses that individually...
769The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$1,450.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-17, BB-101, R.5) NGC VF details/stained.
Marshmallow Collection. Though toned in perceptibly different apricot and powder-grey hues, the entire coin nonetheless features a strangely monotone appearance, perhaps eliciting NGC's...
770The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$1,750.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-23, BB-105) NGC VF-25.
Marshmallow Collection. Ebony toning encroaches down and across a considerable portion of the reverse, while the obverse features similar toning in ideal proportion, with the design attractively...
771The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$2,300.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-6, BB-96) PCGS VF-35.
New World Estate. Surfaces exhibit concentrated gunmetal-grey toning toward the outer areas, contrasted by white stars that benefit from the additional apparent sharpness. The grade is indeed a...
775The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$1,900.00
1798 (B-12, R.4) Large Eagle VF.
The late obverse die-state is instantly recognizable by the network of die cracks that originate at the date, and it would be easy to mistake the die-marriage for B-29, but the die had already...
776The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$3,100.00
1798 Large Eagle (B-11, BB-111, die state VIII). PCGS Genuine/code 98...
The uppermost die crack on the obverse begins at S13, extends across Liberty's portrait and enters into the upper left field, indicating die-state VIII, the terminal stage for this obverse die, and...
541The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$1,650.00
1798 "B-19" Large Eagle. PCGS Genuine.
The reverse of this bust dollar features an eminently original appearance and glimmers of mint luster in the protected areas. On the other hand, murky patina suggests that the obverse has been cleaned...
545The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$4,200.00
1798 "B-23" Large Eagle. PCGS XF-45.
Remnants of mint luster adhere to the devices and letters, and even flow partially into the fields on the reverse, supporting the PCGS XF-45 grade assessment. Although little contrast between the...
614The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$1,750.00
1798 (B-9 R.4) Draped Bust dollar, off-center strike, VF-30
Very few 18th century coins have fully original surfaces, but the battleship-grey patina and mild buildup on this 1798 Bust dollar are highly acceptable in that regard. The off center strike has...
664The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$1,050.00
1798 B-13 VF-35 Details, Tooled.
Despite a reasonably nice reverse, the obverse has been tooled in an effort to eradicate a scratch that extended from star 9 all the way to the back of Liberty’s head. The coin was subsequently...
692The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$1,000.00
1798 Large Eagle BB-122, B-14a, R-3. ANACS F-12.
This handsome example is from the first year employing the Heraldic Eagle reverse design. Its pale pewter surfaces have an exquisite rose-gold blush. Although its surfaces are evenly worn from...
693The Midwest Winter Sale 2007 on 02/09/2007$1,350.00
1798 Large Eagle. VF-30 Cleaned and Retoned.
This is a super first year of issue Bust Dollar that has VF+ details. At some point in time it was cleaned and then retoned, but it appears that some original color is also present. There are no...
500The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$1,250.00
1798 Large Eagle BB-120, B-12. ICG F-15.
Rich pewter surfaces on this evenly worn Heraldic Eagle Silver Dollar. The remaining detail is typical for the grade, but it is possible that NGC and PCGS would not holder this coins due to the light...
501The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$2,300.00
1798 B-27, BB-113, R-2 Large Eagle. XF-40 Scratched.
Its too bad there are scratches running along the edges of both the obverse and reversed of this scarce type because it is otherwise very commendable. The surfaces are bright, and the remaining...
719The Midwest Summer Sale 2006 on 07/21/2006$1,450.00
1798 B-13, BB-108, Rarity-1, Large Eagle. VF-30.
An aesthetically appealing 1798 variety combining both a "Pointed 9" for the obverse's date and a "Small Letters" reverse, plus only 10 Arrows appear in the Eagle's left talon. An antique aspect is...
652The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$0.00
1798 B-13, BB-108, Rarity-1, Large Eagle. VF-30.
This 1798 variety incorporates a Pointed 9 in the date on its obverse, and Small Letters and 10 Arrows in the Eagle's left talon on the reverse. Its medium gray surfaces combine with a delightful...

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