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The Collectors' Auction 2011
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1842 NGC VF-30. 1842 NGC VF-30.
Lot Title: 1842 NGC VF-30.
Description: To this very day, there are many collectors who do not realize that LIBERTY need not be fully readable on the shield for a Seated Liberty dollar to grade in the VF range. This lovely example is 100% all-natural and has never been molested, and while each letter on the shield is at least partially visible under magnification, there is moderate wear visible everywhere on Liberty's portrait. However, a more userful determinant for grade is the lovely widespread detail in the eagle's feathers. Rims are essentially free from dings. (PCGS# 006928)
Low Estimate: $300.00
High Estimate: $400.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $310.00
Price Realized: $356.50
1842 NGC VF-30.
1842 NGC VF-30.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
764The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$525.00
1842 and 1872, both VF details/rim damage.
Courteous Collection of Early Type. Rim damage appears to be a justified disclaimer for 1842, as the obverse shows a few tiny scattered ticks, and the reverse rim has been filed off to the right...
790The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$675.00
1842 AU.
In spite of about ten points of wear, the fields still possess impressive flash and suggest that the coin was just about prooflike when struck. Luster remains intact through much of the protected...
791The Collectors' Auction 2013 on 10/18/2013$825.00
1842 NGC AU-55.
Blatantly original, a prominent, dense layer of dusky lavender-grey and dove patina positively lavishes the eye-appeal, though one might expect such extensive skin to suppress luster, which it does. ...
623The Collectors' Auction 2012 on 10/05/2012$500.00
1842 ANACS XF-45.
The Blitzer Collection. Decidedly flat overall, with pale grey surfaces that exhibit a hint of indigo toning here and there against the obverse rims. The reverse displays a trivial hint of luster...
573The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$650.00
1842 VF details/cleaned and 1872 VF details/cleaned.
No motto and "with motto" Seated dollars form up this pair of type coins, but both have been cleaned. The 1842 has VF details, a planchet defect on the obverse left side and rim bumps on the reverse....
574The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$625.00
1842 AU.
ANACS indicates a grade of AU-50/AU-50 on the included photo-certificate, but questionable texture in the obverse left field could lead to doubts as to the original surface quality. Of course, the...
545The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/12/2010$1,050.00
1842 AU.
Surface quality is reminiscent of a proof and the reverse details are marvelously sharp. This is a very attractive 1842 dollar that easily grades AU, with each side pleasingly free from distracting...
492The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$425.00
1842 AU/light rim bump.
Very sharp details remain intact on both sides, despite about ten points of wear, and the surfaces display outstanding, original quality. Protected from exposure to the circulation effects, the...
837The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$340.00
1842 VF/lightly cleaned.
Mildly cleaned, though the reverse has retoned nearly to the point of appearing original. Boldly detailed for the VF-30 grade level. A couple of inoffensive rim bumps are noted on the reverse, and...
620The Midwest Winter Sale 2008 on 02/08/2008$675.00
1842 Seated Liberty dollar EF-40
Considering the seeming endless supply of cleaned, dipped and otherwise non-original Seated Liberty dollars on the market, it is always gratifying to have an opportunity to purchase a truly problem...
673The Collectors' Auction 2007 on 10/19/2007$370.00
1842 XF-45.
As this large coin is rotated under a light, the abraded surfaces reveal a plethora of delicate hairlines that are indicative of a very gentle cleaning, and that certainly contributes to the coin’s...

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