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The Collectors' Auction 2009
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Please Note: A 15% Buyers' Premium is added to the hammer price of all lots in this sale.

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1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1). NGC AU-55. 1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1). NGC AU-55.
Lot Title: 1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1). NGC AU-55.
Description: Consistent medium pearl-grey patina graces the surfaces, underpinned by the slightest indication of pewter-gold iridescence that flashes in and out of view depending on lighting angle. Minimal bland luster remains on either side, though any fear of aesthetic monotony is immediately dissipated thanks to recognition of the bold and handsome design elements. Liberty's hair is sharply defined, with each strand of hair fully delineated despite light circulation, and flatness of the eagle's breast feathers is due to mostly to strike, not wear. Many large early coins suffer adjustment marks, but not so this stately bust dollar. The surfaces are splendidly preserved and impressively free from obvious contact marks, save one inconspicuous little scribble between "ST" on the reverse. Very close examination will also reveal a curiously extended series of tiny micro-abrasions arranged in front of Liberty's nose, but they are much too small to be seen under normal viewing circumstances. There is not a single obverse rim blemish of note, and the reverse rim displays perhaps a couple of the most innocuous marks imaginable.

It has been asserted that B-1 is always struck from perfect dies, meaning the dies never clashed powerfully enough to lessen their ability to impart a sharp strike, and that is evident here. There is not even the slightest hint of a die clash anywhere, nor is there any evidence at all of die fatigue or cracks to be found. Thus, examples of B-1 often prove to be excellent type coins, and as discussed, strike quality for this dollar is outstanding for a flowing hair type. This perfection of the dies in and of itself aids attribution, but also notable are the blundered date (1795/1195) and the singular point of hair that seems to be dismembered from the other five.

Low Estimate: $20,000.00
High Estimate: $23,000.00
Lot Status: Bidding has been closed for this lot.
Hammered Price: $20,000.00
Price Realized: $23,000.00
1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1). NGC AU-55.
1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1). NGC AU-55.

Price history for items of the same classification:
Lot #AuctionCurrent Bid or Hammer PriceDescription
755The Collectors' Auction - 2014 on 10/17/2014$3,100.00
1795/1195 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21) NGC F-15.
Brock Megran Collection. An underdigit "1" was incorrectly struck into place where "7" was intended, resulting in the unusual overdate for the bust dollar series, and BB-21 is a fairly common (R.2)...
711The Midwest Summer Sale 2014 on 07/18/2014$7,250.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-4, BB-14) NGC VF-30.
Absolutely wonderful, supremely original dove-grey patina accents the highpoints and produces admirable contrast with medium-grey overall, producing just about the finest possible "look" for vintage...
888The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/26/2013$4,600.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21, R.2). PCGS VF-20.
BB-21 in early die-states may show strong diagnostics, and this one clearly depicts a "1" erroneously placed beneath "7" in the date. When an early silver dollar has been completely left alone in its...
617The Midwest Summer Sale 2012 on 07/27/2012$2,600.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-5, BB-27). VF details/cleaned/questionable color.
Dull tan-grey patina helps to obscure rather glossy surfaces, but the reverse still implies a rather brilliant central area. A light touch of rim toning joins the peripheral areas and prevents the...
767The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$1,400.00
1795 2 Leaves (BB-21, B-1, R.2). NGC VG details/improperly cleaned.
Details actually seem closer to VG-10+, with central definition of Liberty's tresses starting to appear, along with partial definition of the scrawny eagle's wing feathers. NGC states "improperly...
768The Midwest Summer Sale 2011 on 07/29/2011$1,200.00
1795 (B-2, R.1) 2 Leaves. VG details/obverse repaired.
The diagnostic diagonal "right of the inner point of star 4" is extremely faint for reasons that shall be discussed, but is still just barely visible enough to rapidly narrow down attribution,...
565The Collectors' Auction 2010 on 10/15/2010$6,500.00
1795 2 Leaves, "Head of '95" (B-1, BB-21, R.2). NGC VF-30.
It cannot and should not be denied that this 1795 B-1 lacks fully original surfaces, and while pursuit of coins that have never been cleaned is a commendable and lofty goal, the brutal truth is that...
530The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/12/2010$6,100.00
1795 2 Leaves, Head of '95 (B-1, BB-21, R.2). NGC VF-30.
This 1795 B-1 flowing-hair dollar graded NGC VF-30 actually has details slightly superior to a PCGS VF-30 recently sold at auction, but it is unclear which would be considered the more original coin....
471The Collectors' Auction 2009 on 10/16/2009$5,050.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21, R-2). VF/cleaned.
If not for a cleaning that has left this dollar glossy and lacking in original surface texture, it would be a fantastic piece. Details are bold and sharp and easily rise up to or beyond the VF-20...
824The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$1,700.00
1795 2 Leaves, "Hidden Star" variety (B-4, BB-14, R-3) . PCGS Genuine.
PCGS has coded the reason for grade-failure (to coin a new term) as "98", which indicates "other damage". With all due respect to their expertise, that is hardly a reasonable explanation since the...
825The Midwest Summer Sale on 07/24/2009$5,600.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21, R-2). VF/cleaned.
If not for a cleaning that has left this dollar glossy and lacking in original surface texture, it would be a fantastic piece. Details are bold and sharp and easily rise up to or beyond the VF-20...
706The Midwest Winter Sale 2009 on 02/13/2009$1,700.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21, R-1). ANACS F-12 details/cleaned.
The ANACS disclaimer of "cleaned" is true of the obverse, but unreported is glue residue on the reverse. It is likely that this bust dollar was glued to some sort of numismatic display that enticed...
537The Collectors' Auction 2008 on 10/17/2008$2,200.00
1795 2 Leaves (B-1, BB-21, R.2). VG, Cleaned.
Great difficulty was had by your cataloger in grading this coin, as it is obviously nicely circulated, but has been dipped, and yet still seems to retain a surprising level of mint luster at the...
495The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$3,700.00
1795 2 Leaves, B-2, BB-20, R-3. VF-25.
An example of one of the various varieties with the Head of '95 obverse and the 2 Leaves reverse. Its pewter-gray surfaces have a lavender aspect and are lavishly toned, or perhaps retoned. ...
496The Collector's Auction on 10/20/2006$20,750.00
1795 2 Leaves, B-1, BB-21, R-2. AU-58.
This piece typifies the Flowing Hair type dollar having the Head of '95 obverse married with the two-leaves reverse. Its dark pewter aspect is augmented with mottled golden crimson hues. Some...
712The Midwest Summer Sale 2006 on 07/21/2006$4,000.00
1795 2 Leaves B-1, BB-21, R-2. NGC VF-30.
A luxurious example from the first silver dollar type, which utilizes Flowing Hair/Small Eagle design motifs. The admirable original gray surfaces are graced with a blush of rose and gold. Its...
645The Midwest Winter Sale on 02/17/2006$2,025.00
1795 B-4, BB-14, Rarity-3, 2 Leaves. F-12.
Exhibiting antique pewter-gray surfaces, this popular 2 Leaves example is always in demand as a type representation. Some toned over hairlines and possible graffiti marks are observed on Liberty's...

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