Prices as of 12/7/2019 2:29 AM CT Gold: $1,459.75 Silver: $16.55 Platinum: $895.08 Palladium: $1,874.50
Silver Expanded
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ContentSilver: $16.551-99ozs.Bullion Club or 100+ ozs.1-19ozs.Bullion Club or 20-499 ozs.500 or > ozs.
1oz.999 1oz Round GEM Pretty Silver [img]$16.15$16.20$17.80$17.70$17.45
1oz.999 1oz Bar, GEM Pretty Silver [img]$16.20$16.25$17.85$17.80$17.60
5oz.999 5oz Bar GEM Pretty Silver [img]$80.75$81.00$89.25$88.50$87.25
10oz.999 10oz Bar, GEM Pretty Silver [img] [img]$161.50$162.00$178.50$177.00$174.50
100oz.999 100oz Bar, Pretty Silver [img]Quote$1,570.00Quote$1,715.00$1,710.00
per oz.999 misc./average/spotted Silver [img]$15.30$15.40$17.45$17.30$17.20
1ozAmerican Silver Eagle-Common GEMS [img]$17.35$17.45$19.10$19.00$18.80
1oz2019 American Silver Eagle, Gem Unc. [img]$17.85$18.00$19.45$19.35$19.15
1ozSelect UNC American Eagles Silver [img]$16.75$16.90$18.65$18.50Quote
5ozNational Park Quarter, Gem Unc. Silver [img]$82.75$84.75$97.50$96.50Quote
.715oz90% Loose pre-1965 US 10c/25c, $1 face [img]$11.05$11.12$12.33$12.12$12.01
.715oz90% Loose G+ pre-1965 US 50c, $1 face [img]$11.08$11.15$12.41$12.30$12.12
.2958oz40% Silver half-dollars 1965-69, $1 face [img]$4.05$4.09$5.05$5.05$4.97
.7734oz1904 & Before Morgan S$1, common VG+ [img]$15.50$16.00$20.00$19.50Quote
.7734oz1904 & < Morgan S$1, common AG-GD [img]$13.75$14.25$17.50$17.00Quote
.7734oz1921 Morgan Silver $1, VG+ [img]$13.75$14.25$17.25$16.75Quote
.7734oz1921 Morgan Silver $1, AG-GD [img]$13.25$13.50$16.25$16.00Quote
.7734ozPeace Silver $1, common, VG+ [img]$13.00$13.25$16.00$15.50Quote
.7743ozPeace Silver $1, common, AG-GD [img]$12.25$12.75$15.25$14.75Quote
.0562ozWartime Silver Jefferson Nickels [img]$0.41$0.50$0.96$0.84Quote
1ozCanadian Wildlife, Gem Unc. Silver $16.55$16.65Quote$20.05Quote
1ozGEM UNC Canadian Maple .9999, Silver [img]$17.05$16.70$18.95$18.90$18.80
1ozSelect UNC Canadian Maple Silver [img]$16.35$16.45$18.90$18.80$18.70
.6oz80% Silver pre-1967 Canadian coins, $1 face [img]$7.94$8.11$12.41$11.59Quote
1oz1oz Chinese Panda, Gem Unc. Silver $17.55$17.80$26.55$24.55Quote
30g30g Chinese Panda, Gem Unc. Silver $16.66$16.76$25.96$24.96$23.86
1ozAustrian Philharmonic, Gem Unc. Silver [img]$16.10$16.15$18.95$18.65$18.45
1ozMex. Onza/Libertad 1982 to Date, Gem. Silver $16.30$16.35QuoteQuoteQuote
1ozUK Britannia, Gem Unc. Silver [img]$16.40$16.45$18.90$18.70Quote
1ozAustralian Kangaroo, Gem Unc. Silver [img]$16.10$16.15Quote$18.85Quote
1ozS. African Krugerrand, Gem Unc. Silver $16.75$16.80$18.90$18.85$18.75
3/5ozCasino Token Silver Center $8.28$9.10Quote$12.41Quote
20 or more1 to 1920 to 99100 or more
.608ozSilver Proof Sets 1961-1964, common dates $11.09$11.25$19.50QuoteQuote
.147ozSilver Proof Sets 1968-1970, common dates $2.38$2.39$5.50QuoteQuote
.608ozSilver Proof Sets 1992-1998, common dates $9.60$9.63$17.42QuoteQuote
1.32ozsSilver Proof Sets 2000-2006, common dates $15.28$16.60QuoteQuoteQuote
1.32ozsSilver Proof Sets 2007-2012, common dates $17.26$18.58QuoteQuoteQuote
.903ozSilver Quarter Proof Sets 2004-2012, common $11.66$12.56QuoteQuoteQuote
1.22ozSilver Mint Sets 1960-1964, common dates $19.51$19.63QuoteQuoteQuote
.147ozSil. Special Mint Sets 1965-1967, common $3.70$4.00QuoteQuoteQuote
.147ozSilver Mint Sets 1968-1970, common dates $2.38$2.38QuoteQuoteQuote
.538ozSilver 3 Piece Proof & Mint Sets 1976 $8.26$8.31QuoteQuoteQuote
.7734ozModern Commemorative Dollars Silver $9.10$9.93QuoteQuoteQuote
.3161ozSilver Eisenhower Dollars 1971-1976, common $3.31$3.81QuoteQuoteQuote
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